JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ

JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ and progress since leaving SM Entertainment

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have confirmed that they have been, are and always will be TVXQ members. In an interview with Yonhap News, JYJ was asked what TVXQ had meant to them. They responded promptly that TVXQ did not have a past meaning, because they still were TVXQ. They asserted that the fact that they were walking separate paths did not mean that they were apart from the group.

JYJ also said that “There are misunderstandings and truths to the public assessment of our situation. Many fans have different views, but none of them are completely accurate.” Jaejoong continued to explain that the situation was an extremely difficult and complicated issue, and that it was hard to explain to someone who did not know every detail.

The three also explained why they did not call themselves “Hero Jaejoong,” “Micky Yoochun,” and “Xiah Junsu.” They confessed that they had gave the names a thought for a very long time, but since all five members were TVXQ, they did not feel like it was appropriate to use the names after they had left the company and use the name for themselves.”

The three JYJ members and the two TVXQ members have not contacted each other since the incident, but JYJ is open to TVXQ coming back as a five-member group. The three talked about Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho’s comeback in January. Junsu congratulated them by saying, “I’m very happy that they are continuing at TVXQ again, and I hope they do well. We’re welcoming the activities because we’re TVXQ as well.” Jaejoong expressed, “Of course, we’re a little sad that they continued without us, but I’m glad as well. If they are putting on the album to continue TVXQ as they said they were, I am very thankful. TVXQ was at the top when all five members were together, and we are still extremely proud of it. I hope they continue promotions that fit the greatness of the name.”

The three members continued to talk about their activities and promotions since they left SM Entertainment. They summed up the past year with the word “hope.” They were proud of the decision they had made to leave the company and fend for their own interests.

Junsu said, “If there were hard moments, there should have been easy moments, but every moment was hard for us. Our rejected visa in America was our biggest shock, but there were many other shocking turns like that. But our result is good, so I’m dreaming with high hopes.”

Jaejoong added, “We were prepared for anything, but lots of chaos happened with things we had no control over. We were scared and uncomfortable, but we decided to stick together. Yoochun’s drama and Junsu’s musical were huge successes, and the JYJ showcase was very successful as well. I’m sure if we try harder, we could shine even brighter.”

Yoochun finished up the summary by saying, “We had a rocky start, and we’re still lacking everywhere because we’re still new to all this. But I feel like we’ve grown a lot and I’ve gotten confident in what we’re doing. I’ve had a lot of time to relax and think about things, so I’m content with that.”

The three members were asked if they regretted leaving SM Entertainment at all. The three boys were adamant that they did not regret their decision at all. Yoochun answered, “I have no regrets. There are lots of aspects that got better. We still have lingering attachments, but that’s about it.” Junsu confirmed it by saying, “I have no regrets. On top of them, I can say I’m happier now than before. We had a lot of restrictions, and I think it’s a miracle we got this far. I think it’s because we have such great teamwork.” Jaejoong expressed his content by saying, “We had a lot of shocking and unjustifiable things happen to us, but I believe everything will work out in the end. We’ve gone over many obstacles just fine, and we will continue to do so.”

The three will be putting out the concert live album next year, and they also have hopes to put out a second world wide album. Their album will come out in January in the states, and they are also planning a Europe Tour. They are also planning to meet their Japanese fans as soon as possible as well, and their agent confirmed that things were working well.

Seems like the JYJ boys are content where they are. Will you be supporting all five TVXQ members as they promote their activities?

Note: Earlier, Koreaboo published an article on this same issue with some discrepancies. As we received e-mails from readers on this issue, we’ve decided to rewrite the entire article using a separate source by our lead writer. Thanks to all those who let us know of the mistake, we will ensure the same problems do not happen again.

Source: Yonhap News

(Source: koreaboo.com)

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149 Responses to JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ

  1. tierra felder says:

    I love that you all let nothing hold you back. Don’t forget about your family as a whole group of five though. be strong every obsticle you come across is for. a reason. you have my support

  2. el Fathia says:

    *sob* I love TVXQ5

  3. Tammy Jae says:


    • Cristina says:

      betrayal has a bitter taste.

      • nono says:

        dont judge if you dont really know what really happened in detail.. jyj also went through a hard time and there must be reasons behind their actions

    • Cristina says:

      to nono – “dont judge if you dont really know what really happened in detail.. jyj also went through a hard time and there must be reasons behind their actions”
      that’s true. the real reason is somewhere. we can’t know it. all i want is peace. they are JYJ and TVXQ is Changmin and Yunho. so… it’s time for them to stop saying that JYJ is still TVXQ. NOT TRUE. all of them (C, Y, J, Y and J) are nowadays here because of a past, but the past needs to stay there, in the past. i want for them friendship (if…) but nothing more. and it’s true that betrayal has a fucking bitter taste.
      another thing… i don’t know what happend with them and i don’t give a damn about it. it was a good decision for them and that’s it. but you don’t know too the real reason, so stop with this comments.
      you are free to like them or not. but don’t speak bad about the others.

      • Hunny Bunny says:

        What’s interesting is that I don’t remember you being a part this? If you like the present TVXQ good for you. But to come up in a place where the TVXQ 5 members are welcomed it’s rude. If you hate JYJ go ahead and hate someone who has done nothing to you. Like a hateful person. I personally don’t care but don’t go around screaming bloody crap. When you know nothing about the past of TVXQ. Anyone can make stuff up on the internet. Even TVXQ said a lot of rumors have been going around. When they were talking about the split. So please shut up unless you actually knew TVXQ personally. -.- Because you really are immature. You are a person who believes anything that is said or seen by a person or on the internet. You are the type of person who spreads hate to everyone and doesn’t know anything about loose ends, forgiveness, misery, friendship, and respect.

      • Anny says:

        Indeed. JYJ is JYJ and I like that. And TVXQ2 is not TVXQ.

      • ChangF00d says:

        Hey don’t go hating on JYJ just because they decided to leave the band. They did what’s right for them and Changmin and Yunho did what was best too. Whether or not JYJ “betrayed” them is irrelevant. Its irrelevant because neither JYJ and TVXQ hold any animosity towards each other

        we’re just trying to have a good time, why do you have to go and spoil it by saying stuff like that for? Don’t go all salty because you don’t like the concept of Cassiopeia and DB5K

      • samo99ro says:

        Maybe you don’t know: TVXQ is registered under the five names of the members, not under SM company. So, as long as TVXQ exists, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ) are TVXQ as well.

  4. ConanDa says:

    Are they ever feel how did the 2 of them feel? How curious Yunho and changmin, cz they were underpressure by the fans which became their haters. Is that all about money which made the three separated theyself? Does they just think about the money and not about music’s love? Does they dont think about the fans which always compare both of the stands? I have no deal about it. HoMin, you got my support.

    • yuyun says:

      if money is the reason, i dont think jyj will leave sme. i love tvxq5 but in this case, jyj u got my wholehearted support

    • Wid u always says:

      Wat mkes u thinks dat it might be bcoz of MONEy, jyj left da band? Do u really know how cyjyj feel during those tym. It was hard for da 5 of dem. And it ws vry on jyj part to mke tough decsion. Coz dey know it wil coz possble sepration 2 Changmin and yunho..and dats d hardest part for ol. But dey stand on it coz dey believd it s for da good of all..Its not only changmin and yunho feel d pressure from fans and anti but also jyj.. Dey r mold,trained,established as DBSK and performing not as 5 is difficut and differnt..now da case s over lets move on nah and let us support da 5 of dem..

    • Cristina says:

      it doesn’t matter the reason… all that matters is the effect. i learned about TVXQ since 2012 (late, it’s true). i read about 5 of them, their past friendship, the scandal… i saw their videos and so on… all i can think is that those 3 guys needs to stop talking about being part of TVXQ (they were part, but not anymore). TVXQ is good as it is now. if they want to be friends again good or them (everyone deserves a second chance) but being part of TVXQ – i am against it 100%. Changmin and Yunho are in my heart and there’s no way out…

      • pottery says:

        hi Cristina, agree with you 100%. For me, TVXQ is Yunho and Changmin, while Jaejoongm Yoochun and Junsu they are JYJ now.
        This is simple mathematics:

      • yamayuuri says:

        In my opinion this is because you started to watch TVXQ from 2012. If you are a true cassie, and have been following them since 2004 you may not be able to say this so easily. How the 5 of them overcome the hardship, and how precious “TVXQ” is to the 5 of them. It’s only that they have different opinion and are going through different path. If you start a topic about betrayal, it’s just a matter of opinion. JYJ can be said to betray HoMin, but at the same time HoMin can also be said as betraying JYJ. I think not only JYJ, but HoMin also feels the same things – the fact that JYJ is still a part of TVXQ.

      • Andy says:

        Cred ca exagerezi si nu vrei sa vezi realitatea. Fii open mind! Citeste versurile JYJ, mai ales Untitled, interviurile si apoi trage concluziile. Cu siguranta au avut motivele lor sa plece. Urmareste videoclipurile cu ei 5, privirile si reactiile JS si YC la anumite gesturi ale lui YH si vei vedea, de asemenea, si motivele pentru care JJ a plecat. Sa nu uitam ca sunt barbati toti si au orgoliul si mandria lor. Cand iti pleaca jum plus 1 membri din grup, cred ca problema este la leader. Violenta, pasiune, posesivitate, gelozie, totul e vizibil, daca vrei sa vezi. Ce a facut el, ca leader, asa cum se autointituleaza in continuare, pentru cei trei de cand au plecat?
        Ah, sunt multe de spus.

      • Daisy says:

        I totally agree with you, no matyer how much you want to be friends its just like they say that just so incase JYJ fails they can always go back to tvxq

    • Sarahmay says:

      Well, I watched a recording of a gag show that Yunho and Changmin were on and the explained their feelings about this. I would explain, but some people would probably say to me that I shouldn’t assume if I didn’t know them myself therefore I will let you watch it yourself.

    • Meru says:

      okay, so let’s say you’re overworked by your company and they don’t give as much money as you’ve earned with your work.. well how would you like that? o_O
      I don’t care if the reason for their leave was money because they finally get money they deserve for their hard work.. people who accuse them of being greedy and stuff know nothing and they have probably never worked underpayed anywhere.. if I was them I would leave quite long time ago

      this is not dirrectly to you, just stating my opinion ↓
      I really wonder why Yunho and Changmin stayed on the other hand.. I’ve read they were supposed to leave all 5 of them (dunno if it’s true).. if it’s true did SM offer them more money so they would stay? did SM try to split the group just as they did it with HOT?? These are the things I wonder about very often but I’m afraid we will never know the truth

  5. Wika says:

    I really want tvxq and JYJ be friends as before :’)

    • Cristina says:

      as before never…. you are a human being, you had a friend, a fight, a
      disagreement – something… after this misunderstanding you’re friendship was the same? i doubt it !

      • Peace says:

        Can you just stop. Not everyone thinks the same as you. And not all friendships are the same. So don’t compare your small friendship to something that wasn’t even close to TVXQ during the days.

      • midnightekaki says:

        I’ve fought with a very close friend before… didn’t talk to each other for over a year… we’re friends again now, because we matured and realised the problems were small in comparison to our friendship. Just looking forward and not back, its something TVXQ can do. Let there be hope.

      • yunieyzatiey says:

        it never be the same but i guarantee you..friendship will become closer and closer..

      • anon says:

        shut the fuck up christina. you’re annoying as fuck.

      • Sarahmay says:

        I think many people will agree that even if you believe this, does not mean you absolutely have to convince everyone else that this is true. I am sure you respect both groups as much as anyone, but you never really know if they completely hate each other now. I completely respect your opinion but you could have worded your reply better so not as many people would be offended.

      • Shee says:

        No it’s not the same, and it’ll never be the same…. because our friendship got stronger, we learnt to trust eachother even more and please stop nagging everyone in this article just because you like the present TVXQ! Dang! They’ve been together in one group! It’s normal for fans to say that they miss the former TVXQ! We believe that they will go back together as one eventhough thay’ve already parted ways! As for the friendship part what’s wrong with hoping that they are still the best of friends? We have faith in that! Stop breaking other fans’ hearts with what you’re saying!

      • yamayuuri says:

        They are not only simple friends, but comrades who have been going through a lot of hardships together and overcome those hardships together. It’s just that now, they have misunderstandings against each other. One day, if those misunderstandings are resolved, they will stand together in the stage as 5. In addition, JYJ has never shown their dislike towards HoMin. JYJ is just showing disagreement with how SM works, but not with the idols that are inside it especially HoMin. That’s why can you please stop this? Neither side is at wrong here.

      • This Christina bitch keeps spreading hate in the comments. Just shut up, your comments all sound really retarded.
        True Cassiopeias supports all 5 of them because we know that there is a lot more going on underneath the news reports and rumours regarding the whole incident. We can never know the truth unless all five of them gather in a spot and speak about it in public. Therefore, the only thing we can and should do now is to support all of them in hopes that one day, the two sides could just cast away past conflicts and join hands on stage, for the sake of giving back to the fans who had been supporting them throughout all hardships.

  6. tvxqfan says:

    i would be the happiest person in the whole world if they again perform as 5 tvxq
    omg i hope it would happen

  7. AKTF says:

    I would be the happiest person in the whole world not if they again perform as 5 tvxq, I would be the happiest person in the whole world if I can see as a friend they again..

  8. hope they comeback as 5 again…really miss them…anyway i believe in them thats why i still keep the faith…always support tvxq the 5…JYJ + HoMin =TVXQ/DBSK/TOHOSHINKI

    • Cristina says:

      JYJ – Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong.
      HoMin – Yunho & Changmin = DBSK / TVXQ / Tohoshinki / TVfXQ.
      that’s the real truth.

      • Storm says:

        You clearly don’t know what a real cassie went through during the spilt. So what if she says TVXQ is all 5 members. Yes in the present it’s 2 but in the past it has always been 5. It isn’t your job to go around killing someone’s faith. If you only like the current TVXQ and not JYJ. You need to get off this website and go to where TVXQ duo is loved. Because this is TVXQ5. Which means Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin.

    • 심창민_Cassiopeia says:

      yeah, me too…dont bother about the past..lets focus in the future, and always keep the faith..i know they will become 5 again…
      whether it’s TVXQ(hoMin) or JYJ, they are and always TVXQ! i believe in their friendship..!

  9. T! says:

    Fucking JYJ _!_

  10. kpopviews says:

    Ive always been curioud on how thry felt about the split. Its still very heartbreaking to know that they havent talked.

  11. Cristina says:

    you can eat shit !

  12. Cristina says:

    when i read about them nowadays i am really afraid…but no matter what will happen with then i only can hope that they will be friends forever – Changmin & Yunho ! (for me this two men are always TVXQ no matter what.)

  13. Bullfrog says:

    stop spreading shits Cristina.
    why don’t you just let people share their own ideas about the 5.
    stop correcting them, it’s their ideals not yours, you are so redundant
    ’bout jyj not being tvxq and blah blah blah..

    • Cristina says:

      to bullfrog – you have offended me with no right. can you tell me why the hell i’m “so redundant” if is not a problem for you, of course?
      as you and the others have your ideas, i have it too, and it’s my fucking right to say it wherever, whenever i want to.
      and i’m not spreading shit… i’m not even saying bad things about JYJ. just facts as i see them.
      if you read carefully you can see that i’m just expressing my thoughts.
      so…i’m not judging, i’m not spreading shit… i live, i breath, i have a brain, i have thoughts and i have the right to say it.

    • Cristina says:

      ah… i can’t stand liar and hypocrisy.

    • Cristina says:

      ah… and please forgive me for being honest with myself.
      but those were commets for each and every person.

  14. goDonGgoDonG says:

    actually, if you read his/ her comment more.,
    you can really see her point about you being redundant xD
    i understand that’s what you believe but just
    don’t mess on people’s happiness, if they want to
    think about JYJ and HoMin as 5, so be it 😀

    • Cristina says:

      i wrote those comments and i know my thoughts about it and i’m telling you that that person just offended me… i didn’t said but things about anyone and if you read my comments you can see that HoMin and JYJ can be friends (it’s their problem) but they won’t be together as a band under that name.
      it’s logical.
      this is all i said… meaning – no right to judge me for my thoughts. beacause as you and the others want to think and write anything you want about this then i have the right to do it.
      very simple.
      without offending. just reality. beautiful and cruel reality.

      • Cristina says:

        * but -> bad

      • Lisa says:

        Your a freaking moron! TVXQ is a 5 person group so if they want to get back together a lot of people will be happy because they miss each other and it looks like they will be back together since they didn’t renew their contract with SM. TVXQ isn’t a two person group -.- Clearly you aren’t a true TVXQ fan because they sound better together, they were much stronger together then separated. YOUR NOT A TRUE TXVQ FAN SO HUSH!

      • Thinker says:

        I sort of understand what you mean. Because TVXQ is ending soon. But they can buy their name. A group has done that before. So actually the reality could be endless. But don’t go killing someone’s meaning of TVXQ because you don’t understand what a old cassie went through. And I really don’t like fighting with a cassie because none of the members would want that.

      • juku says:

        butthurt bitch

  15. glaycel says:

    The truth is we don’t really know what happen during that time. And I don’t believe JYJ just leave TVXQ because of it. It has a deeper reason why they did it. If you thought JYJ leave for the money then what happen those years when they were still together. And already see the anomaly of the management. Don’t you think they will leave them right away. But no, they did not.During those years, they endured everything what the management wants.But every person has its limits. And that what I think happen.
    And JYJ is still a part of TVXQ. Not physically but in our hearts. The hearts of their fans, who still love them. As 2:3 or as 5.
    And for Yunho and Changmin, I know its hard for them too. And I don’t have any right to say anything but, Like JYJ, Yunho and Changmin also suffered because of it.
    Let just pray that one day the issue will be resolved. And maintain the friendship they have.

  16. micky says:


  17. lovejung says:

    eh? jyj should really stop confusing the fans. they are talented artist so they should just show their love for fans and music through their music. they should not just live for the glory of the name TVXQ. a lot of fans have move on and current TVXQ are gaining new fans that didn’t even knew jyj. Yunho and Changmin have moved on and are doing very well and they everything they have right now. when they separated, a lot of fans departed from yunho and changmin and doubted that they will succeed. they proved these people wrong through their hard work instead of trying to justify the decisions made. in my opinion, not moving on from the past hinder the growth of a person. same goes for jyj and the fans. if the fans kept on comparing current TVXQ and JYJ to the old TVXQ, instead of just enjoying their music, then they can never found contentment and just keep on complaining and whining.

    • graymand06 says:

      dont speak as if you know what’s in the hearts of the fans of tvxq or dbsk and jyj fans are not ordinary people who just became fans of jyj just that . . . stop talking bad of jyj ha ha ha you are all insecured with the 3 boys actually they were the ones who brought the group in the limelight i just became a fan of yoochun after watching his skks drama and tried to find out where he came from and watched videos of dbsk all of them that can be seen in the internet and the three boys shine . . . you’re just sourgraping ha ha ha

  18. Cristina says:

    to Lisa:
    – I advise you to control your words. you are not allow to insult me​​.
    and if you are a 100% and a true fan of TVXQ as a % then tell me where the fuck were jyj when Changmin & Yunho were neglected by SM after the split, when they didn’t know what their future will be, not knowing what will happen with their career?
    stop interfering with their life.
    by the way? where were you after that famous meeting between jyj parents and jyj fans? where were you when the fans blamed C&Y and went with jyj?
    stop with this hypocrisy…
    i know about their contract. it’s their wish… it’s not our problem…
    Yunho must join the army soon…
    Changmin is doing fine.
    C&Y are doing fine.
    tell me, you couldn’t listen C&Y music because jyj is no more with them?
    as i said, hypocrisy.
    AVE true fans of TVXQ as 5.

    • Lisa says:

      I listen to JYJ and TVXQ so shut up! You don’t even know anything about me, I didn’t blame either JYJ or TVXQ about the break up, its hard for both of them just last year U-Know and Max cried singing a song they sung as all five because that song means something to them, they still care about JYJ and JYJ still cares about them. You only started listening to them in 2011 so shut up loser! You aren’t a true fan so you can speak and when they get back together, you wont be a fan anymore because your not a true fan. TVXQ doesn’t want their fans to hate JYJ because they said a true fan wouldn’t do that so it already proved that you aren’t true! Yes people blamed them because they were suppose to go together but Max and U-Know didn’t because of their parents, JYJ doesn’t blame them and either do I. You don’t know the true story about the spilt so you can’t hate JYJ and they will get back together because they didn’t renew their contract with SM for a reason and U-Know’s dream is to be like Michael Jackson so if he isn’t going with SM he’s going somewhere. TVXQ songs are meant for 5 not for 2, U-Know and Max stayed because of their name so shut up! I’m not a hypocrite, you don’t know me so you can’t call me that, a lot of people want them together and I will be really glad when they do because they don’t need hating fake fans like you! 🙂
      TVXQ 5 Fighting!

      • graymand06 says:

        thumbs up to you my dear4 🙂

      • yunieyzatiey says:

        i support what you said..always keep the faith right?

      • Mia says:

        I agree with you yunieyzatiey. I’m going to think they might come back, but I’m not going to keep my hopes up. This is just my opinion and nobody else has to agree with me, but you never know what’s going to happen in the future. People change and they’re only human just like us. They have their own decisions and plans to make and many things to think about so I’m just going to say for now that they might not get back together and they could. I’m supporting both bands forever

  19. Cristina says:

    ah, by the way… read this…

    micky says:
    July 24, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    – so, because she loves JYJ so much it’s not a problem, but when i say this and that …WOOOW !
    all of you need a life.
    so full of shit and hypocrisy.

  20. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny…
    i don’t need your permission to think and to express my thoughts.
    my “small friendship”… who said that i don’t remember, but there’s is nothing like this in this world.

    • hunny bunny says:

      It’s ok to express your thoughts. But when you are crushing on what others believe or hope for than that’s a problem. If you don’t like or want to see them five sing together than that’s you. And you hate someone that’s you. But not everyone is going to agree with what you are saying. I have been a cassie for a long time and I just want the fandom to be what it once was. But it’s not going to happen. I know that TVXQ is two now and I respect and support them. But others still say TVXQ are as 5. There is a saying: once a member always a member. I’m sorry that I got angry with you but I don’t compare friendships with others. Because everyone’s is different. I can’t go anything for them but wish for their happiness. And who is your TVXQ bias? If you don’t mind answering.

  21. Cristina says:

    to bear –
    no, i want them to be happy.

  22. Cristina says:

    to thinker –
    i know – SHINHWA…
    but you know what? members of SHINHWA were together through good and bad.
    the break up of ex-5TVXQ was nothing like SHINHWA’s departure from SM.
    this is not about understanding, about old cassie or new cassie…
    when jyj was formed as a band C&Y didn’t know what will happen with their career…
    they could have going further with other name. but no, they chose to keep the name, to show that even without JYJ (the vocalists as i read one day) they can do it. AND THEY DID.
    so, why are you trying to destroy their achievements?
    let it be…
    if they want to be together as a 5 it’s their business…i will listen their music as ussual.
    i don’t enjoy those song because they are nice, sexy, because they are good actors, their money or something like this…
    i love those songs because they touch my heart… i listen their old songs as a 5 and i listen TVXQ’s songs as a duo.

    • thinker says:

      I’m not trying to destroy anything. I just said that the ending of them could be endless. And I never said Changmin and Yunho couldn’t carry on the TVXQ name. I know they could. I’m sorry if you misunderstood what I meant.

  23. Cristina says:

    I found that it doesn’t matter if someone is for JYJ as long as it is not interested about TVXQ (from previous comments). it is pointless… you will never be able to understand what real friendship is and how much it is worth.

  24. Fan says:

    Everyone has their own feelings about JYJ and TVXQ. So you can’t fight with someone if they don’t agree with you. Because everyone thinks differently. I’m a supporter of all five and I don’t get mad when someone love JYJ or TVXQ. I know not everyone is going to love them as five or want them back together. But I’m glad at least someone does like one of the two groups. Both groups already have a lot of hate because of this whole thing. So don’t try to change someone’s mind because you can’t. Just be happy that both groups are doing great. Also that both groups are happy.

  25. Cristina says:

    to lisa –
    i advise you to be very carefull with your words.
    you know shit… just like myself about them, they life, the split… only what those boys wanted (all 5)… meaning, the truth is there, but is not.
    it’s not hard to understand.
    stop offendind the others if they don’t think like you.
    it doesn’t mattter since when i started to listen their music… you are such a freak (because for you a fan is someone who has been there from the beginning.) Wrong, it doesn’t matter … and when i first heard their music – Mirotic (as a five)…. and i found all their song as 5, everything about them as 5… later i found about the split…
    you are not able to understand…
    let it be, it’s pointless

  26. Cristina says:

    to lisa –
    i doubt that they stayed for the name… you don’t fuck with yourself, with your future, with your dreams just for a name.

    • Lisa says:

      Max and U-Know didn’t really think of just about themselves, they thought that they didn’t want the name to go because TVXQ means something to them so it must mean something to the fans who have been with them so long.

    • Sarahmay says:

      I absolutely do not want to offend you or anyone at all when I say this. I’m am not saying you opinion is wrong nor am I saying that it’s right either. Think about it as your last name. Your last name represents your family, correct? I think that’s how the two thought of it. TVXQ meant more to them than just a name. It represented the unity of all five members together. It was not their fault that they broke up neither was it JYJ’s. I think they decided to carry on was because they didn’t want to show that TVXQ was completely broken. I am not saying that it’s true, but it’s just my opinion. I do respect you and all others but I don’t think that the new TVXQ thought of it of just a name.

  27. Cristina says:

    to lisa –
    i don’t hate them, not at all…
    i like 2 and with the others i have no business.
    that’s the truth and the only truth…
    i don’t have problems with them being together.
    but i like what i want.
    sontrol your language.
    you are not a true fan if you meddle in everything and believe everything.
    enjoy their music and support them.

    • Lisa says:

      Then you can’t attack people for wanting them together, TVXQ and JYJ will come back together one day maybe when they are thirty years old but a lot of fans and a lot of people that they are close with yes they will get back together one day but hopefully it isn’t too late. I don’t meddle in everything and clearly I don’t believe everything but when they song a TVXQ song and cried it clearly meant something, if you hated someone you wouldn’t care. I support both of them but don’t be mean to the people that believe that they are one.

  28. Cristina says:

    to lisa –
    they were stronger before, it is the real truth.
    just think about The Beatles, Queens, ABBA and so on… they were great and we know them even now…

    • Lisa says:

      Clearly, but a lot of people do listen to both TVXQ and JYJ because it means the world to them when they know that they have fans that support both of them. You can’t hate JYJ because you don’t know them

  29. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny –
    you say that i crushed their dreams….
    but you and the others are to optimistic in a evil world…
    so we will never agree about things like this…
    only hard words…

    • hunny bunny says:

      Yeah I meant the cassie who wish to see them as five. You are crushing their dreams. Ok there is nothing wrong with being optimistic. And I do agree with someone things but since I’m not none of them. I will just keep an open mind. I don’t know what could happen but I just want them to be happy. Also the world isn’t evil it’s the people you meet who is evil. Not every single person is evil. Everyone has their own experiences but that doesn’t mean to claim the whole world evil. The world is full of people good and evil and it’s your choice to either stay with them or drop them. And I’m not too optimistic. Also long as I have been is this world. I went through a lot and came out strong. So don’t tell me about an evil world.

  30. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny –
    my bias? …it’s easy – i enjoy their music as a 5 members band, as a duo.
    i like C&Y.
    but that doens’t mean that i hate the others 3…. not at all. It’s just that i don’t have fellings for them… nothing.

  31. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny –
    “once a member always a member” – you said it, ok?
    – then what about this :

    You had a husband … Divorce … new friend, possible future husband …. once a husband always a husband
    you worked for a company (you were fired, you left) … once a member of that company always a member…
    are you listen to yourself?

    jyj said that they are still TVXQ’s members despite the fact that they are not anymore… C&Y had not renewed their contract… C&Y are leaving SM… what will they do?
    – C&Y + jyj, yes? as TVXQ? ok… have they enough money to buy the name from SM? maybe, maybe not….
    – or they will go on with another name, who knows.
    – it’s something known that members of suju are seeing jyj. then what about C&Y? had SM forbade them and only them? OK.
    – why all this mistery? why all this hiding?
    – SM is SM and that’s it , there is no point speaking about them…
    – WHY??????????
    – i can go on like this for years.
    SO, let’s wish them (all of them) (even if i am into C&Y it dosn’t mean that i want for jyj bad thinks – NO , we are human beings for GOD’s sake) health, hapiness and success as a 2 + 3, as solo artists… as a 5 member band and that’s it… Let the time to decide.
    let’s wait and see.
    something will happen. WHAT? we don’t know.

    • yamayuuri says:

      I think you misunderstand the others’ opinions. Well, everyone has their own opinions even for the cassies. I doubt if HoMin’s contract ends and reunite with JYJ as five people that they will reunite as TVXQ. I don’t think so though. At that time, not only JYJ but I’m sure HoMin will also feel that they were TVXQ, they are and they will always be. I think JYJ’s feeling now will be the same with HoMin’s feelings when that time comes. No offense please, because all of us are fans ^^

  32. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny –
    “That’s interesting.”
    – you can say it… but this are my feelings.

  33. Cristina says:

    to lisa –
    – i do not hate them… i just have no feelings for them.

    • Lisa says:

      Well I hope you aren’t like this if they get back together, Junsu, Hero and Micky are awesome people you just have to watch videos of them and maybe you will change your mind but I’m going to be honest with you when they were together and fans didn’t like some of the members, Max will get really mad but as long as you don’t say anything and let them hug you and talk to you etc you will be fine.

  34. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny –
    in this all world there are no good people or bad people – we all are half good-half bad or so… you”ve been through a lot but this works for me too since a young age. but we can overcame that pain. but we will never be the same.

    • hunny bunny says:

      Yeah I know once something bad happens you will never be the same. I have been there and made it out. But still have hate towards the people and family who hurt me. I have been betrayed by family and my so call best friends. I have been bullied and beat up mentally and psychically. I even have a counselor. I was betrayed by every person I trusted with and know I trust no one. But I learned that some people do and say things without meaning to hurt others. I don’t think JYJ meant to hurt Yunho and Changmin. But when you do something that you believe in so deeply someone or people get hurt in the process. And it was them two. I can’t hate JYJ for leaving because of what they believe in. Everyone believes in something and a person won’t always agree with. I just want them to talk it out. They can still become friends. I know it’s going to hurt at first for some of them. But I can tell JYJ loves Yunho and Changmin still. They love them in their own way. They even tweet about TVXQ once in a while and are glad that Yunho and Changmin are keeping TVXQ alive. And there is nothing wrong with saying once a member always a member. They all used to believe that at one time. I’m a supporter of five. I can’t choose one over the other. I get hate for liking all five from both groups. JYJ and Cassies talk crap about both sides. And I think it makes them no better than people I used to know. I know that they are human and they makes mistakes or think differently. I won’t hate them and can’t hate them. I just want them to talk about it. They don’t have to tell the fans the story at all if they don’t want to. I love them a lot. I used to believe that I could have a friendship like theirs. Because growing up and still know people fake on me. I wanted something like they had. And I still do. I may not have my happy ending right now or for a long time. But I want to still believe their is some good in people and that I get to meet that person. And that’s why I can’t hate them for giving me hope in something that could possibly never happen. And that’s why I don’t understand why people hate someone they have never met or can hate someone for what they believe in. Maybe because I wasn’t raised to. But I love them. Plus Yunho and Yoochun are my bias. I still see Changmin as a baby even though he doesn’t even act like one. Junsu is still a dolphin duckbutt just like he was meant to be. Jaejoong is the one I’m worried for the most. But since he is kindhearted I know he will get hurt sometimes but he can also sometimes be the strongest. There personally are all different. I believe in five but don’t say TVXQ5. I say JYJ & TVXQ are my favorite bands. I know it’s 0.00001% chance of them singing together as five. Which seems impossible. But even right now both groups are breaking records and doing things that other artist would think it’s impossible. So I’m at a lost. But I know that the name of TVXQ will always be safe. Because during their ACT1 they showed and brought the meaning or what a boy band should be like. And their ACT2 showed that they can show that there are no limits and that a duo can make it just like any other. But as for ACT3. That’s something I’m waiting for. I know their is more to their story but as a fan it isn’t my job to judge them because they aren’t Gods. But to support them through thick and thin. And when I get older and adopted kids. I can tell them that I lived during the time when a group was untouchable. And that’s how I will start my TVXQ story. Because they are my faith to lean on when then I feel I can’t take living anymore.

      • Biased till the end says:

        OMG. Hunny Bunny. I love what you wrote about the boys. Also I hope that your live turns around. I’m glad TVXQ and JYJ are your faith to lean on. ^.^ Keep fighting forward.

    • Alexander says:

      – Cristina
      You really need to shut the fuck up. People here just preferred TVXQ as a 5 man group. That’s it. There is no need for you to be a big fat bitch okay? So what if your being realistic? Let me be realistic here as well. In this “cruel” “evil” world. Assholes like you get beat up for expressing their opinions like that. Also people like to have beliefs and hopes. The entire world was built upon it. Christians believe in heaven and hope to achieve entrance to it. As the fans just hopes to believe in TVXQ as a 5 man group, hoping that maybe one day they’ll be able to get back together. So why don’t you just grab a hold of your fucken ballsack and shove it down your throat. No one here likes you expressing your opinion like that and acting like a fucken bitch. Stop trying to make yourself sound all smart by pretending to be all philosophical you uneducated shit.

      • Andy says:

        “Yunho should give them a punch?” HA, Ha, Ha. Why they (the three) left ? In korea, I think, it’s possible everything, especially in entertainment industry.

  35. Cristina says:

    to lisa –
    i hope nothing will happen with Changmin & Yunho, no matter what.

  36. Cristina says:

    to hunny bunny –
    i will tell you just one thing. i don’t judge you, and i don’t hate you because you like both.
    but no matter what, be carefull not to be hurt… to trust someone nowadays means nothing.
    this is why i choose not to be hurt. that’s why i am realistic.
    any theory is possible without evidence, but… better to be carefull from the beginning, don’t you think?
    don’t play with your faith like that.
    hope dies last, but when it happens it’s bad.

    • Cristina says:

      and you know what?
      your health, your life, your thoughts came first… the others are on a second plan.

      • hunny bunny says:

        Thank you for not judging me for the people I love. It happens a lot in the cassie fandom. And it’s ok that you want to be realistic. But I still have a little child left in me that wants to keep the hope alive for the five boys. And thank again for saying my health and life comes first. I’m working on my problems. ^.^

  37. Cristina says:

    to alexander –
    you are a Christian? i doubt it. your words means that you are a big SHIT.
    i don’t need your permission for nothing.
    i am educated more than you.
    because of beings like you this world is so messed up.
    if in your world violence is something normal in my world violence is evil and your future will be in jail.
    there’s no need for stupid words…. i am 100% sure that Changmin & Yunho don’t need your vocabulary, and this works for JYJ too.
    what i want to know is why this site allows such vulgar words.
    you can’t put Christian in the same phrase with your vulgar language.
    you can speak like this with yourself, with your friends (if it’s allowed).
    oh, by the way… this “big fat bitch” can’t “”grab a hold of your fucken ballsack and shove it down your throat.” – it is anatomically impossible. see what you’re missing for skipping the classes ?
    being a bully is so awesome.

  38. fan says:

    First all the article has been misread and thought in a different way for those who hope and was written in 2011, I don’t why this is still on-going. I understand what it is meant has far as they concern they are tvxq, has this is where they came from. The five together build tvxq together and always will be known has tvxq, no matter what anyone says. But now they are JYJ, nothing more. So if you want to be fan of both or one so be it. see them has JYJ, because that’s who they are and that’s how they see themselves in the present and future.

    • Lisa says:

      BUT in the future they see them (ALL 5) performing as TVXQ together so in the future they will most likely be together so don’t say future

    • Peace says:

      Some people do see them as JYJ. I personally do and some others don’t. And there is nothing wrong with that. Because that’s how they decided to choice to say it. Plus this will always be ongoing because TVXQ as five which just a normal boy band group. They broke records and showed what a BOY GROUP should be like. They created a way for kpop and even made themselves know in Japan alone just like BOA. So that’s why people don’t let this go. Because even though JYJ left. They put their most of their lives, sweat, blood, and cries in TVXQ. They went through everything together. To make Kpop know in other countries. So some fans just can’t take that away from them. Though I personally believe JYJ and TVXQ haven’t forgot what they went through together. So there is no need to get all ugly about this. Because when JYJ and TVXQ get old and retire they will be remembered first as a 5 member group then a duo and a trio. I personally don’t get why all of this stuff started. JYJ and TVXQ is all you need to say or DB5K if you like. So I don’t feel the need to correct someone else because everyone feels different about this.

  39. fan says:

    And not forgetting tvxq2 let them get on with it too

  40. YOYO says:

    1. Never ending war between TVXQ(HOMIN)fans and JYJ fans…or i should tell TVXQ2 and TVXQ5 fans?its more precisely, cause everybody can see that just supporters of TVXQ2 are so hateful and full of crap…why these people bother with JYJ issue-i really cant understand- they should be follow their amazing oppas and dreamy teenage ideals and be happy-but: NO-they need build grudge and blabla…
    2. Also, JYJ was part of TVXQ-you can not change it neither delete it, so its naturally that fans talk about TVXQ and JYJ in one sentence and many of them wish to reunion (everybody has different opinions), i really think situation would be better if JYJ could make an appearances on broadcast / varieties and show who they are (cause, they shouldnt opportunies), i believe all thing with TVXQ5 will let be gradually(its just need a fair play and open mind)…- AND THIS IS WAY HOW ORIGINATE MISUNDERSTANDING AND SUPID PEOPLE xP
    3. There is no point to judge TVXQ or JYJ-they are mature and intelligent persons, and they have every right to make their own decisions and say everything what intend! When they(JYJ) feel still part of one perfect group with name TVXQ (5) then be it! Really, dude, you was not present in this interview, you dont know members … you dont know what meaning these words exactly is. You just shoot charge blindy and make a fool from yourself.
    I say one more thing for you dudes: COME TO ONESELF AND START TO LIVE!

  41. Wilson says:

    There’s nothing wrong in wanting leaving. But I feel that leaving just like that without letting yunho and changmin know is just not right. They have not thought about what will happen to the future of these two friends who have been with them for the past 8 years. I love them but feel that it’s not right

    • YOYO says:

      are you serious? if yes … your naivity is endless, HOMIN knew what was going on (keke, just thinking that they were like a little stupid children is absurdly and funny) and they were well aware JYJ wanted to leave SM (there are many interviews and shows where you can see how 5 members was awkward among themselves before the lawsuit), also I really didnt see TVXQ2 interviews which refer to JYJ topic or Guru show where they talked about this topic, but I am sure they never said that they were clueless about JYJ withdrawal (if yes, they are just puppet for SM, and it would be very sad)
      btw, SM is big sh*t, nothing more…okey, they could be angry and irritate (however it is just their mistake), but they really cross the bound ( restriction for some time is okey, but SM dragged out lawsuit and even if it is finally over- JYJ is still silent banned for SM machination)
      I think you are just plain guiless or hypocryte…

      • Leela says:

        And you are gullible.

      • Sarahmay says:

        I would just like to point out that technically both of you are right.
        First of all, yes they were not completely clueless, but you really should have watched the shows where they talked about the topic. I do not remember what show it was on (hence the title was in korean) but I do recall them saying that they found out later than the others. They did not know right away what was happening until it was to late. Saying that they were puppets to SM is a big exaggeration. It is no ones fault that the two decided to stay. Do you know all five personally? Can you read their minds? Did you talk to them? I don’t think so. I completely respect your opinion and I did not want to appear offending at all. I’m just implying that just because they looked that way does not mean that it was that specific topic is what made them uncomfortable.

  42. Wilson says:

    And I think it is only human nature for sm to do what they have done. Do you expect them to sit back and just accept their mistakes and let these three leave and start as a new group?? They have spent more than million investing on tvxq, training them. Yes their contracts can be rather harsh but that’s the fking contract typethat most sm artists or maybe most korean idols have signed. Do you fking abandon your family just because your parents gave you a strict curfew to follow? They should have voice it out and not fking sue

  43. Wilson says:

    I am I this day still a fan of tvxq and jyj, just that I feel sorry for yunho and changmin and felt that how jyj left was not the best way

  44. vpew says:

    Hello TVXQ & JYJ fans…^^
    Before I write something, I’m sorry if my English not good.

    I really want to say this after read all of u guys comments.

    Do u guys know? When TVXQ or JYJ fans hurt each other, who will be the most feeling sad?
    Of course, TVXQ & JYJ.., so, please don’t hurt each other again.. ,>__<,
    there's no fans who can really feel how much they are felling happy, sad or hurt..
    because TVXQ & JYJ themeself who really can understand of what their face on the past, now or future..
    So, we just need to pray for their success..

    FIGHTING… DAISUKI TVXQ & JYJ no minna-san.. 😀

  45. Lia00027 says:

    Im so happy that many cassies who followed dbsk for years thinking same like me that SME is ass and db5k is 5 members, i stil remember vividly old time when dbsk being interviewed about how if a member left them then their answer is all same it means they are not dbsk anymore. Im happy for homin to come back as tvxq with their new concept of the album for 2 (hence evil lee so man wont make them singing the songs for 5 which is indeed difficult to be sang only by 2 of them), im glad for jyj to have come out with “in heaven” album which is an album that created by their own hands which was hard to do when they were still with sm. PLEASE DONT CREATE FANWAR BETWEEN NEW AND OLD CASSIES. Dbsk’s name wont be known around the world without those 5 talented singer hard work and efford. Im proud of my homin to stand up for their principal for always callling themselves tvxq nowadays to despise lsm of their own way even when there was bashing for junsu from boa n shindong changmin bravely afterward in an interview said there better be no one say bad things about dbsk since it mean it will taint the memory of dbsk hence boa n shindong stop the ruckus n not one off other sm artists dare to say bad comment about junsu anymore, in japan homin always calls themselves T and i was sad when being questioned what is the painful thing for him is being the forgetful gang leader. Im proud of jyj to stand up against all odds and the negativity news that surrounded them domestic n internationally but still they show themselves of being talented singers n actors no matter what, n i cant forget how recently in his nagoya concert junsu said that his band members all 5 just like tohoshinki n he sang tohoshinki’s old songs ( forever love, proud, stand by you) gosh he is the only one who dared to challege avex with singing their old songs in a stage bravely. Even though now jyj cant be dbsk but i believe the friendship between those 5 is not easy to be broken off just because of money. Always keep the faith cassie and always support those 5 young men on their own way to face their life. Fighting guys. Thanks for this supportive web.

  46. Kim says:

    I really wish that everyone could just get along. I love both TVXQ & JYJ but I also loved them when they were together. All that should matter is that WE as fans should support these guys no matter what they decide to do! 😀

  47. yunieyzatiey says:

    if we realy love them n you all are cassiopeia..just support them..not fighting with each other..plese dont hate jyj..they have their reasons..cassiopeia will not exist without one of them..n tvxq also cant be a legend and god of the east without one of them..thier love is true..i can feel it…and i believe they will be together one day..cos thier heart is one..always keep the faith..plese dont bash or hate jyj or tvxq..in their heart still have love..plese love them..they have thier own reasons..

  48. Mia Leonard says:

    I completely support TVXQ and JYJ. I love them both. I agree with most of you. They had their own reasons for leaving and we’ll never know the full story. Honestly I like them better as a five member group, but I do support everything they choose to do. They are still friends and don’t have regrets and aren’t enemies or are on bad terms with each other. That’s most likely based on what they say. I don’t believe everything I’m told or see, but I do believe they are still close friends in a way. Both bands are amazing and maybe someday they’ll unite again. Even if they don’t they’ll always be amazing bands. That’s the most important thing out of all of this I think.

  49. Fade_Away18 says:

    I miss TVXQ just being TVXQ I just wish I could go back into a time where the 5 were just together and happy and making #1 hits. I keep my faith and hope they reunite. I will forever support tvxq and jyj although it will never feel the same.

  50. XFreshNeZz says:

    lol dis christina is annoying xD

  51. Sarahmay says:

    I was always wondering if Max and U-know ever missed the three. And vice versa. I wonder if they ever wanted to get back together. Or if they were happy apart.

  52. Cristina says:

    to anon:
    – watch your language ! by the way, I am Cristina, not Christina.

  53. Rach says:

    I don’t think JYJ refers to themselves as still an active part of TVXQ anymore. Personally? I think it’s very possible that the lawsuit might have been for the best. Why? They’re all happy now. They’re all at a point in their careers where they’re content. HoMin is happy with what they’ve molded the TVXQ name into, and JYJ is happy with what they’ve created with their new name. I think in the future they’ll work together, maybe do a stage together, but only as TVXQ+JYJ. I don’t think they’ll ever be a group again sadly, because in order for that to happen, they’d either have to sign back under SME (which JYJ wouldn’t like for obvious reasons), or they would have to give up the name TVXQ altogether (which HoMin wouldn’t like, since they worked so hard on protecting the name). I do want them all to become friends again, since the lawsuit drama has been over for almost two years now and they will be enlisting in the military soon. If they can never be bandmates again, they can definitely still at least be friends.

  54. Allo says:

    To me TVXQ is still all 5 members. Just think how long they’ve been together, it’s the fact that this can never be forgotten. I watched the old videos of them and just see how happy when they were together. But now, specially the current TVXQ, they don’t look the same to me… they don’t look as happy like they were with 5 of them. It could be that they’ve grown up but I believe that everyone want to have fun and be happy. They had a hard time in the situation. I feel sad but everyone just have to keep moving forward.

    I read the arguments and just feel tired to continue reading..lol
    But well, I think there’s no point to keep arguing at all. Everyone have the rights to express their opinions. But please keep it in mind that you should rather not comment anything if it would turn out offensive and negative to the others 😦 It may not be something rude but you have to understand that it could hurt other people’s feelings. “Specially when you feel against the topic”. If I read something that I feel against with, I just passed and didn’t bother to comment anything because arguments like this will happen and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Respect the topic and the others, all it needs is just peace 🙂 Sorry if my English sounds so bad but I just hope it makes sense..lol

    I just hope that they’re still friends because they had hard time together in the past. So they should remember how far they have succeeded together! That’s when they could realize the happiness.as TVXQ members.

  55. Rachael says:

    in all honesty…I genuinely see why jyj still consider themselves a part of tvxq. I think they see themselves as an inactive part, but a part nonetheless. because it was never their intentions to leave the group. from my understanding (and this is all alleged), they just wanted a better contract, and they tried to talk to the company in a civilized tone before deciding to sue them. perhaps that’s why they still consider themselves as tvxq–they never wanted to depart. now, I also see why changmin was (allegedly) upset about this. changmin sees tvxq as what him and yunho have worked hard to build up since 2011, and he probably thinks that since JYJ left, they don’t have the right to still consider themselves a part of TVXQ. now once again everything that I heard is alleged. I just really want them together, but I’ll be content if that never happens. but honestly, I support both TVXQ and JYJ fully, and the only reason I don’t consider JYJ “ex-members” or “past members” of tvxq is because I have hope that they’ll be together again. but I’m also realistic and I know that may not happen. jyj is getting more comfortable around sm artists again. junsu and eunhyuk have rebuilt their friendship, and heechul was at jaejoong’s birthday party. I think maybe at the end of this year or after their military time we’ll see some interactions, or at least some acknowledgement. that’s all I really hope for, because even if they never get back together, they were still brothers, and I don’t think their friendship should suffer the way it has. the more time they spend a part, the more they change, and the harder it’ll be for them to rekindle. one more thing: all of TVXQ(HoMin) and JYJ’s singles, albums, and performances have been incredible and I’m so proud of them, but in my honest opinion, NOTHING has topped the magic that they created while together. My love goes out to those five for staying strong all these years. ~

  56. Myst Mayden says:

    Hating on each other, unlike so called haters out there, they have more respect for each other and for their fans.

  57. coffeenlucia says:

    To be honest, I’m crying here. I loved them so effing much as a five member group. I won’t lie, I wish they were still together. But I understand that they were having issues with their entertainment company policies and that’s totally fine. It’s just… that gut that yearns for the entire group to stay.

    • 심창민_Cassiopeia says:

      it’s too sad, the fans are fighting with each other…i couldn’t imagine how they feel but i’m so disappointed.. whatever it is, i will always support them..whether JYJ or TVXQ. but personally, of course i would be the most happiest person if i can see 5 of them together again. i will always keep the faith!!!!..
      didn’t mean to hurt anybody, it’s just my opinion…

  58. Kay says:

    to HoMin stan Cristina
    you replied someone here “and if you are a 100% and a true fan of TVXQ as a % then tell me where the fuck were jyj when Changmin & Yunho were neglected by SM after the split when they didn’t know what their future will be, not knowing what will happen with their career?” neglected by SM? blur future on their career? Are you serious, Tina?? Yunho’s and Changmin’s schedules were all packed after the split with drama filmings, photoshoots, events, comeback preparations ETC.. and you didn’t know? read and be informed about it then and stop the pity card game here when Homin got the upperhand on everything after the split because of powerful SM

      • jung says:

        Yunho and Changmin weren’t doing what they trained for which is to be singers during the break that was forced upon them in both Korea and Japan. Their main job and the one they love and are most passionate about. To this day Yunho and Changmin work more as tvxq than anything else. That is how important it is to them. Anything they do outside of tvxq is a side job. Tvxq is their first priority and jyj almost destroyed it. The break was forced on them but they waited longer than they should have because they had hope sm and jyj would come to some sort of compromise. Would you have liked Yunho and Changmin to continue with tvxq as fast as jyj formed their group? Some fans still refuse to accept them as tvxq six years down the line, can you imagine how bad it would have been then? They never wanted the split and even though they were never going to go against their principles for jyj, they didn’t want them to leave.

        Jyj couldn’t wait to move on and even had the audacity to have bigeast start new registrations for them. A fanclub that was for all five of them (not anymore). Not even a week after Avex announced they were putting Tohoshinki on indefinite hiatus, they announced the new jyj group. Avex had sold all of their shares of sm and chose jyj. Do you know what that means? Tohoshinki would be on hiatus in Japan until their contracts with Avex run out and that would take years. Jyj botched it up for themselves and Avex went back to working with sm thank goodness. Did that article mention all that? Yunho and Changmin are decent people who even though had loss of earnings and reputations thanks to the lies told by jyj’s families, they waited until it became clear jyj never intended to go back because they started their own group. On top of that jyj never filed the lawsuit in two weeks as their lawyer promised after they won the injunction. In fact after winning the injunction their lawyer stated they had got whet they wanted. They were told at the injunction ruling they could only work as tvxq under sm but they left for Japan. Sm and tvxq waited for them until in April 2010 filed the lawsuit themselves. Jyj were busy and didn’t care that Yunho and Changmin’s careers were in limbo because of them. That wasn’t their concern.

        And no their schedules weren’t packed. Anyone who knows about k-drama knows while filming they are very busy but after tvxq’s dramas wrapped up they weren’t very busy. And even though their schedules were packed, they weren’t packed with tvxq activities were they? That is the point you stupid fans seem not get into your heads. Its not what they wanted to do. Learn to think outside of a blog that doesn’t think anything Yunho and Changmin did was right. Look up old news and stop believing a blog on its own without checking out other news and facts (that jyj3 mostly never provide) for yourself.

  59. Cristi Puiu says:

    My name is Cristina.
    I need to say sorry to You, all of You, because my words hurt You – TVXQ as a 5 and JYJ’s fans. Everyone needs to go on, to live a better life. Sometimes, in this process, You hurt the other one, sometimes you don’t.
    I hope that You will keep the faith no matter what, believe in something, believe in yourselves.
    Hope springs eternal.

  60. mizzue17 says:

    This is so pitiful. After all these years after the official separation of jyj members from tvxq? This is extremely pitiful…u might be young and innocent 5 to 6 years ago, but now?? How r u guys going to be mothers with this kind of immaturity? *facepalm*

  61. cecile richie says:

    The only reason I listen to them is they perform best as five. I enjoy the solo or duo/trio but never as much as their quintet so, all the drama and sandal aside, I wish they can be together again. Fact says they were more powerful before the separation. I honestly don’t care what happened in the business and what the others think. I love when those five chorus together. I love when they do acapella. I love when they sing as if not only their voices, but their heart are also in sync. They’re just perfect together like that. It’s sad that they are now separated but I guess whatever happened, happened.

  62. kanahagino says:

    …I got to know them in 2007 and stopped watching them 2009 (shortly before their break-up) because I hated and still hate their fans. Most conversations of their fans are beyond stupid and crazy so I couldn’t stand the fandom anymore.
    After around 8 years, I started reading about them again – and it makes me sick to know how far the loyalty of fans go – that is exactly nowhere.
    You are talking about betrayal but you don’t know who betrayed who. How do you know JYJ betrayed the other two members? Shinhwa left SM Ent. as six because they had discussed it before. Shinhwa all wanted to leave after talking to each other. So maybe, just maybe, Yunho and Changmin didn’t want to leave and no member would be to blame. I couldn’t blame Yunho and Changmin’s decision to stay in SM. It’s after all THEIR decision. And I can’t ever blame JYJ for leaving. Because I’m pretty sure the circumstances are ugly in the ent. business… They must have VERY Good reason for leaving and no matter what DBSK fans say: I can’t ever believe it’s just the money. And what happened to JYJ during those years is just plain disgusting. The treatment they get from fans, antifans (or fans turning anti-fans), sasaengs, directors, producers, entertainment businesses – everything is just disgusting. So, yeah. I AM sticking to JYJ because I like their music better than Yunho’s and Changmin’s. And it’s not because I feel bitter about the two DBSK members – it’s just because without Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s voice – their songs feel incomplete for me. Especially since I immediately noticed Jaejoong’s voice first – so Jaejoong left – I somehow left with him.

    • jung says:

      @ kanahagino, there is actual evidence JYJ betrayed Yunho and Changmin.

      1) JYJ did not tell them they were going to file the lawsuit. Yunho and Changmin said so on a TV programme publicly and JYJ never denied it.

      2) JYJ asked their parents to hold a secret meeting with admin from fansites that only supported them and blamed everything on Yunho and Changmin and told the admin how to spread the lies they told in that meeting. Its called the 6.25 meeting. Then fans bashed Yunho and Changmin so badly and most of them abandoned them because they believed JYJ’s lies then. JYJ didn’t do anything when Yunho and Changmin were receiving so much hate either. For the first few years, TVXQ and their families received the most severe bashing and blame for the split.than JYJ. Most fans were on JYJ’s side and JYJ kept silent.
      When TVXQ and their fathers released public statements explaining their side of the story most fans did not believe them because of how fast JYJ and their families had moved to lie to the fans. TVXQ and their fathers knew about the secret meeting and that is why they released such strong statements. All three statements claimed JYJ’s relationship with SM broke down because of the cosmetics business. A business that Yunho and Changmin and their fathers refused to be part of.

      3) JYJ got Avex to put Tohoshinki on hiatus and started their new group not long after they left. They tried to block them and use their fanclub for themselves and then arrogantly put in a clause in their contracts that controlled Yunho and Changmin’s careers in Japan had they chosen to leave SM and join them. Before Avex signed JYJ, the sold all their shares of SM so they could work exclusively with JYJ. JYJ had told Avex they were only willing to work with Avex if they cut ties with SM and that meant TVXQ and all the other SM groups and artists (Boa) signed with SM being put on hiatus permanently. For a period of time Tohoshinki could not work in Japan because of JYJ. Only after SM and Avex started working together again could Yunho and Changmin promote in Japan.

      JYJ formed a new group, signed with Avex, performed in domes in Japan, released albums including an international one while Yunho and Changmin waited for them. They called themselves ex TVXQ members, did not want to answer any questions about TVXQ (while they doing well), Yoochun took out three stars from the star of Cassiopeia and underneath he wrote “if you want to be free, you have to cut your wings”., the tattoos, “Yes, in the end, it’s JYJ. Yes, we are JYJ.” Yoochun, Nameless Song 2011, Junsu’s infamous tweet to Yunho in which he implied Yunho was a traitor and liar. I haven’t mentioned what their PR did. Those are betraying actions by JYJ towards Yunho and Changmin. They threw them under the bus to boost themselves and to get continued support from the fans. Can you say TVXQ did the same to JYJ? Yunho and Changmin kept their loyalty and morality. They showed that TVXQ was more important to them than a questionable business with questionable practices and the opportunities/more money they told them were available if they joined. It didn’t matter that JYJ did the opposite. Their morals were different to JYJ’s and they were not going to cut corners with them.

      Shinhwa were never in the same position as TVXQ. None of the members made the others choose between their morals, friends and careers. Some of their families did not start or were involved in a business that caused their agency to ask them to stop the business because it was using its name and images (including those of the two members who weren’t part of it) to advertise and sell their products. Some products had lamb’s placenta in them btw. Some Shinhwa members did not put other members under pressure to leave with them even though the other members had no big problems with their agency. Shinhwa were always in harmony and their friendship was never tested to the extent TVXQ’s was until it completely broke. You cannot compare the two because they are completely different.

      JYJ made the split personal and involved the fans when they shouldn’t. Their public issues should have been strictly with SM. they should never have discussed Yunho and Changmin publicly. You seem only concerned with the treatment JYJ got but they are not the only who suffered such treatment. I hasten to say Yunho and Changmin suffered more when it comes to anti fans. Most fans at the time abandoned them. JYJ also got Tohoshinki and their former colleagues blocked in Japan for a short period of time. JYJ suffered because of their own actions well as TVXQ suffered because of JYJ’s actions. JYJ knew they would get blocked, that is why they run to Japan. While they were busy in Japan they never complained about being blocked in their own country. They only started whining when Avex cut them off and they had to work exclusively in Korea musically. Prefer JYJ all you want, but they betrayed Yunho and Changmin. I believe they regret it but they had destroyed their very close friendship and any apologies or trying to make up was too little too late. The damage they’d caused was too much. Accept what they did even though you choose to continue to support them. Don’t make excuses for them. They were/are grown men and knew what they were doing when they were doing it.

      • kanahagino says:

        I didn’t read your WHOLE comment, but enough to get your poinrts:

        I never compared Shinhwa’s situation to them, just for your information. I just said that THEY discussed it before leaving. And DBSK did not, or at least it looks like it.

        I still don’t get why you’re doing this. I accept that JYJ left. I accept that Tvxq stayed with SM. But you CAN’T make me stop liking both groups. So you should stop writing like this.

        “JYJ never denied it” JYJ rarely commented on the case. And they have said many times before that “they were forbidden to say anything more” – what more evidence do you need for them not talking about the situation anymore? And by the way, you just listed off everything JYJ did, but nothing about TVXQ or other SM artists. If you’re going to blame JYJ, then blame everyone involved in this situation. Because the blame does not lie entirely on JYJ.
        I’ve said it before: In a situation like this, you can’t blame ONE person only. I guess you are mature enough to know that. So stop discussing this with me. You don’t know the whole story, and I don’t know it either. Only those who are involved know it.
        I DON’T blame anyone. And you can’t make me blame them – so write whatever you want. List whatever wrong-doings JYJ did. I don’t care. I WILL continue to support them AND TVXQ.

        So how about you stop going through ALL comments on this page, out for a fight with everyone who supports JYJ?
        That would spare you a lot of worries. And it would spare me a lot or worries too. Because I’m too tired to fight with DBSK fans who only support one group because they feel like only this one group is “right” and the other betrayed them (whether it is JYJ or DBSK in their eyes)
        I don’t want to fight and I don’t want to hurt anyone. But it annoys me to no end how the so called “DBSK (as in 5)” fans are now stuck on one or the other side instead of accepting the situation and live with it.
        And you’re obviously stuck on DBSK’s side as you believe JYJ betrayed them and DBSK never did anything wrong. It seems like you didn’t move on with the situation. Or you wouldn’t sound so bitter in your comments on this page

      • kanahagino says:

        Oh and whatever you say about their fans: I’d take what they say with a pinch of salt: I need evidence for this (either a video clip or audio) or I won’t believe it.

        I know for sure that whatever fans say are LIES. In fact, I have read way too many lies from fans that I can’t believe them no matter what. You need to give me better things to believe.

        And apparently, because you so strongly think JYJ betrayed DBSK, you readily believed these rumors from fans (or antis or whatever they were).
        I noticed most people only believe those things from fans (or antis) so they can strengthen their points.

        Again: No matter what you say, I support both groups. Stop blaming everything on JYJ. You say things like: They are at fault; they practically created Tvxq’s antis. No, they didn’t. They created each other’s antis. I blame everything on the fans in this case. I always hated their fans, because they’ve been immature to no end. And they are still behaving like little teenagers. Hateful teenager who need to find someone to blame for the break-up. And Tvxq AND JYJ are great scapegoats. Instead of accepting it, they need scapegoats. Very mature thinking…..

  63. jung says:

    And to those who think TVXQ will always be five, you’re wrong. Have you forgotten JYJ actually filed a lawsuit to get out of their contracts that would stop them being TVXQ? They got it. They stopped being TVXQ out of choice. No one kicked them out.

    Have you forgotten that not long after the injunction ruling JYJ went to Japan and started a new group thus separating themselves from and moving on from TVXQ first?

    Didn’t JYJ call themselves ex TVXQ members?

    Didn’t Yoochun remove two starts from the star of Cassiopeia and underneath write, “if you want to be free, you have to cut your wings”?

    Didn’t they say “We are JYJ before anything” Marie Claire Korea Magazine, August 2014?

    Don’t SM own the trademarks to SM? Therefore they choose the members of TVXQ and always have done from the beginning. Yunho and Changmin did not want TVXQ to be a duo but were not to betray their moralities and promises for JYJ. Also they were not TVXQ because of JYJ. they were TVXQ because of SM and were grateful for it. JYJ’s actions would not decide when TVXQ ended. If they thought so then I can imagine how surprised they were when SM announced Yunho and Changmin would continue as TVXQ without them. They actions would not dictate TVXQ’s. TVXQ would go on to achieve more as a duo than they did as a quintet but that is because JYJ chose not to be TVXQ any more in 2009.

    Haven’t Yunho and Changmin been TVXQ as a duo longer than JYJ were ever TVXQ? Nothing of TVXQ’s belongs to JYJ not even a little. they relinquished it all when they walked out. These are facts but some of you are still deluding yourselves and I think that is because JYJ as a group have never achieved much at all. I believe many of you would not be saying TVXQ is five if JYJ had surpassed TVXQ’s success. What you’re really saying is JYJ’s biggest achievement to date is TVXQ. Eight years (almost nine) after they left.

    TVXQ is two not five unless you can’t count, and has been since JYJ left. After the lawsuit ended in November 2012 it was legal too. So whatever feelings any of you have towards the past, the facts are TVXQ is Yunho and Changmin and no one else. You don’t get to choose what facts you will accept and discard the rest. Truth does not come in various flavours for you to choose according to your taste.

    Changmin ‘We thought we needed to protect TVXQ’s name.When a swarm of geese prepare to migrate, they never forget to make the correct formation. I don’t think it’s right when a few of the geese who chose to broke away still considered themselves as part of the flock.[…]’ – Worldwide Daily News/National Daily News interview 2011

    Yunho ‘I feel that we are here because of our past, and what we are doing now leads us to the future, so I don’t really think of going back. I have my life now because of all the hard work done in the past, and I plan to continue everyday like this.’
    Changmin ‘I feel the same as Yunho. The reason why I’m not interested in going back to the past is not because I’m denying my past, but rather because I feel, “I’m happier now”, “I like this moment more”.]’- 130406 Glamorous May Edition

    Yunho ‘I detest a word called ‘in the past’. There may be excellent things done in the past but it will be over with a round of applause. It is important to keep walking.” – Yunho’s Interview with ARENA HOMME+ 2014

    “…I think the current circumstances I’ve chosen for myself are absolutely not wrong. …having made this choice according to my personal values, I don’t have a single regret and I’m not uncertain at all. Even having said that, I don’t want to say “please understand me” and force anyone to do so. I’m going to continue on this path and change nothing. It would be great if the fans can believe in us like this from now on.” — Changmin 2011 [El Sol Photobook Interview via hominfatale]

    And they never contradicted themselves either.

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