TVXQ: The Legendary Group

Let’s first, let’s analyze the factors that make DBSK the leading group in Japan, Korea and even the whole of Asia:

1. Perfect vocal

(Most songs that DBSK released in Japan were ballads. Ballads usually show the group vocals’ best. DBSK should not be questioned about their vocals, they can sing well even without any background music. (acapella) From a musician point of view, if DBSK didn’t have the looks, they are considered a group which will be known for their strength in singing. Outstanding looks normally makes one ignore how good their vocals are. But, those who have really good vocals would never be forgotten. DBSK’s fan club is considered one of the biggest in the whole world, this is because part of their fans are ‘music’ fan. (this case it means become their fans is because of the music they released.) If there are people who thinks that they are just an idol group, listen to their music, it is certain that you will become their next fan.) 

2. Outstanding looks

( To satisfy fans’ vanity, to state it plainly, you will feel proud when you are comparing your idols with the rest. With that kind of looks, and an average height of 182.5cm, in terms of looks or height, it will definitely outshine others by one level. Between fans of different groups, they will normally be comparing each other’s idols. And the thing is, in any of the areas that you are going to compare, DBSK is going to win for sure. Eg, what your idol have, my idol have too but what your idol don’t have, my idol have.)

3. Teamwork and teamspirit

(Looking at the korean idol groups, a team with 5 members are the best for teamwork. Also because it’s a rare thing to see this kind of team spirit, so I will say, I can only use fate to describe this. Fate brought them together and they compromise well with each other. In addition to the hardship that they had when they just debuted in Japan, it deepens the friendship between the 5 of them. They supported and held on to each other in Japan, from an unknown group till now, a group where everyone knows and like.)

4. Good Personalities

(Those who have seen their off-stage personalities before will know that the 5 of them are very modest. This is also because of the hardship they encountered in Japan. To the five, 20 years old boys, at that time, they realised that no one is superior to the other, as long as you work hard, with a humble attitude, others will respect and like you. An artiste said this about them, “They seem completely unaware of their status, they greet the staff like they were in the past.” To a group which has achieved so much in both Korea and Japan, they had never boasted about themselves, instead they are silently working hard towards their goal.)

5. An era hero

(In Korea song field at that time, the ‘pressure’ faced by the Korean people and young people. They needed a voice to represent their ideas and thinking, and during this time, DBSK debuted, and they had become a popular idol among the youths.)

6. Amazing accomplishments and records

(If you have seen before the performances and awards ceremony in Korea, whether is it the charts ranking, music award ceremonies, combined performances with others, DBSK is no doubt the last group to perform, no doubt the winner of all. Looking at DBSK sweeping all the awards was a norm for their fans. There may be certain awards that other group’s fan wish to win, but to a DBSK’s fan, they do not have much to worry about, because they can know that DBSK will bag these awards easily. Also in terms of voting, cassies normally don’t have to worry as DBSK are usually the first. One of the reasons is because their fans are considered the largest in the world. Their fan just needs to cast one vote and they can be assured that they will win anything that they were nominated for. This also makes their fans to have a sense of pride, like hey, my idol won the 1st place, hey my idol won the big award again or, hey my idol is the last to perform! Fans will feel proud to they have such idols.)


DBSK is always number 1. And this number 1, when compared the results of number 1 and 2, normally has a great difference in percentage. In terms of popularity, album sales, concert tickets sales, normally, they would be leading the second in place by more than half. If they are compared to others of the same age or even idols that are older in age, we can say this: 

When DBSK debuted, the others are still trainees

When DBSK were performing on stage, the others are still trainees.

When DBSK sweeps off all major awards in 06, the others are still trainees.

When DBSK debuted in Japan, the other groups finally debuted.

When DBSK topped Orion charts in Japan, other groups haven’t even received an award in Korea.

When DBSK made their comeback with their fourth album in Korea, artistes that released their albums in the same year cried (it means they shouldn’t have released the album because DBSK will get all the awards)

When DBSK won #1 within one week of their comeback, other groups haven’t had the chance to win them.

When DBSK once again sweep all the music awards in Korea, other groups can only watch them received it.

When DBSK had their third asia tour, other groups haven’t had a concert before.

When DBSK held their concert in Tokyo Dome, other groups haven’t been to japan before.

When DBSK have their concerts in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and China, others groups are still having small-scale concerts in Seoul and Busan

When DBSK dominates in Japan, other groups are waiting in their waiting rooms, looking at this legendary group.

When DBSK reached their peak in the Asia, other groups haven’t even established their position in Korea.

When DBSK are sunbae, other groups are still greeting them and bowing ( as dbsk is sunbae), and the sad thing is, they are older than DBSK.

When DBSK are in Korea and Japan and they are in their highest point, they are still as modest and hardworking as before.

When DBSK become the most ‘expensive’ group to invite, they still greet the staffs and greet their hoobae with smiles.

Since DBSK debuted, they had been leading when compared with other artistes or concerts size. Their concert size and the people attending them are usually the largest. Other groups maybe are still hoping someday, they could have their own concert, but DBSK might have already had around 100 concerts under their records. I had once been to a concert that was by a quite popular group. (T/N the author is going to compare about the differences that he had experienced between a concert by DBSK and a concert not by DBSK, so he might be sarcastic here. I’m just translating what he had said.)

I say, let’s see how’s the scale of the concert, I had a shock, originally, it was already considered not a big venue, but the seats in between are huge! You could even have your leg up and relax while sitting down to enjoy the concert. Also, I heard that it’s a concert tour, but no matter how I see, it’s only touring around Seoul and Busan. I started to think. DBSK concerts are normally touring in Malaysia, Thailand, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Seoul and Japan. Is this because that I had watched DBSK large scale concert before? Even DBSK’s mini showcase was bigger than this. If my memory had not failed me, when DBSK jus debuted, they had already had a concert venue that could hold up to 70,000 audiences. So I asked around my friends, “why is the difference so big”, and my friend said,” because they are DBSK! How could you compare?! “ My friend just give a cold smile and carry on doing her stuff.


The rate of DBSK popularity is already shown when they had just debuted.

There had never been a group that gained so much popularity when they just debuted.

They had won the Daesung with just 2 years prior to their debut.

For a rookie group, their first single had a record sale of 300,000. And now, you think about a popular group in Korea can barely had an album record of 200,000

9.- What makes DBSK have a stable vocal?

First, as all of us know, Korean groups are normally classifies into whose the lead singer, those who can’t sing are normally known for other talents like dancing, etc.. But, DBSK are the only group in which all 5 of them are able to take the role of a lead singer, with this characteristic, it makes them stand out against all when they debuted. If at that time you say that their vocals are strong but not to the extent of perfect yet, then the obstacles that they had encountered in Japan and the constant holding of concerts tours, had trained their live singing to sound perfectly like the cd version. Japan usually focus a lot on the singing portion and being the best of the idol groups in Korea, when they debuted in Japan, nobody knows them at all, they are just a rookie group. In Japan, a country that is known for emphasizing talents more than looks, what should they do to gain recognition from them? This is where the 5 of them realised that they had to improve; they will use their music to conquer Japan. They keep on practicing their singing, increasing their own standard to gain other’s recognition, all these, plus the continuous concerts tours in Japan increased their on-stage experiences. This is also why up till now, DBSK still maintain that perfect singing and harmonization in the group.

10.- DBSK are the awards ceremonies usual guests

Since DBSK debut, it can be said that they had won countless awards, every year-end; they will attending awards ceremonies in both Japan and Korea. Of course, when you are nominated, you will be expecting to be taking the awards. Korea’s MKMF and Golden Disk Award are the two most prestigious awards in the award ceremony. If the results of MKMF were due to biasness, we should know that there is no way of cheating for the Daesung award as it is given purely based on the sales of the albums. Each year, the award ceremony is structured in almost the same way. Some professional scores might have a reduced weightage as more weightage will be placed on the fan’s voting and album sales. In this way, it is no doubt that every year, DBSK is the one to bag the most awards. Firstly, in terms of popularity voting, we all know that DBSK has the biggest fan club in the world. Just in Korea alone, they have as much as 800,000 fans, excluding Bigeast and fans of other countries. From this way, just by the voting from these fans would have easily made DBSK the winner for any popularity awards. Needless to say in terms of album sales, quoting from what my friends around me say, DBSK has the least to worry about their album sales. From their first single to albums, it will always emerge as the top on music charts. Each time they make a comeback, it’s as if they have once again brought hope to the declining sales in the music industry. Taking their fourth album in 2008 as an example, DBSK alone was able to make a sales of 540,000 copies of albums, whereas this stunning results could only be achieved by combining the sales of three other groups which have debuted under SME in 2009. (a boy group, a girl group and a newly debuted group) SME really needs to consider if their company is still the strongest player in the industry. For other awards in the other broadcasting stations, even if they are not present for the ceremony, they are still the winners, just like how they have not been to Thailand for a long period of time, they are still able to win the awards. Quoting tablo’s sentence, Korean media described DBSK is in complete control in Thailand just like a god.

11.-The biggest and most spectacular concert

Their concert is one of the most spectacular with the highest number of fans gathered for their concert. Usually, they are being invited to perform at each country’s biggest indoor venue, just like Japan’s Tokyo Dome, Korea’s Jamsil Main Stadium, Hong Kong Coliseum, Beijing’s Workers Stadium, Shanghai Hongku Stadium etc where it can hold up till more than 50,000 people. Honestly speaking, concerts by all the artistes of a whole entertainment agency may not be able to guarantee that the whole venue will be filled up. But SM still went ahead to have DBSK’s concert at these venues as they are truly aware of the power of their group. Of course, this is a way to test and examine the popularity and influence of a group. For those who have seen DBSK’s performance will know, the moment where the ticket sales start, it is actually a battle between the availability of tickets and the fans. While other groups may be worrying about the low sales of their concert tickets, for DBSK, it is the other way round. Snatching for these limited tickets is the only thing you can do, a step slower and all the tickets will be sold out. For Japan, tickets are won through by being a member on their official website. In 1 minute and all the tickets are sold out. 300,000 rushed to get hold of these tickets, causing in the system to be down, which is actually a normal case. Even aunties and uncles selling the concert merchandise knows that things in red can fetch a higher price.( Red is DBSK’s official colour.) Those who have been to Shanghai’s concert will have heard and seen this. Aside from DBSK’s influential status and popularity, another factor will be attributed to their fanclub which is one of the biggest in the world. DBSK’s performance might not be full of flowery language, but what they have is the best stage to put a spectacular yet touching performance.

12.-DBSK are always the last to perform

Be it the performance in Korea, like dream concert, MTV asia etc, DBSK is always the last to perform, signaling their influential status in the industry. They are a group which sponsors and advertisers will yearn to have. Each year, the fans who attended these concerts( which had other artistes performing too) mostly are “Cassiopeia” (DBSK’s official fanclub name), of course the organizers know this and will always keep the center position for DBSK. But does that means that because its DBSK that’s why the organizer do this to satisfy them? Of course not, because from the stage, you could see that their fans filled up half of the audiences’ seats, sometimes even more. Like 07 dream concert, the fans filled up more than half, people who do not know might think that this is their concert. In these types of mixed concerts, DBSK are considered the mood lifter, it’s hard for organizers not to put them at the last to perform.

13.- Why is DBSK the representatives of all artistes

We could usually see in DBSK and other artistes in variety shows, but whenever it’s time for DBSK to perform or talk, we could see that other artistes went simply crazy for them, they are totally DBSK’s fans! We could see the differences even though both are artistes.

This is how DBSK are described in Japan. We all know that in Japan, a lot of artistes and MCs loved them. What about in Korea? Firstly, since debut, DBSK had always been popular, to other artistes, they could see DBSK fans almost everywhere. DBSK had been active in Japan and as a foreign artiste in Japan, they had always set a new records. To other artistes, they could only see how DBSK achieves their success through tv shows or awards ceremonies and this somehow create a ‘invisible distance’ between DBSK and them. So when they see DBSK, they will unknowingly express their admiration for DBSK like, “wow, this is DBSK!” Even though they are artistes like DBSK, they also had an admiration for them.

DBSK had always broke the records set by others and then breaks their own records set by them.


DBSK had always broken the records set by others and then breaks their own records set by them.

1. DBSK sets a new record in the Guinness World Record in 2008

The fan club of Asia’s Top Artists group TVXQ, known as Cassiopeia has been recorded to The Guinness World Record Book of 2008, for the BIGGEST fan club of an artist! Cassiopeia consists of over 800,000 OFFICIAL members when last counted. This is not even including the non-official members. With this, TVXQ! has the biggest fan base in the world! ¬

Fan club of DBSK, (Cassiopeia), had been known for having the most number of members recorded in Guinness World Record in 2008.

Up till now, official fans of DBSK (Cassiopeia) had already reached 800,000 members! This figure had not included unofficial members. (Fans from China, Japan, Malaysia and other Europe countries that had not yet registered.) If we count all these together, DBSK had the largest number of fans in the world!

2. After DBSK had been listed for having the largest number of fans under the Guinness World Record, they had also listed as the most photographed celebrities in the world. From the day of their debut to March 19, 2009, DBSK are said to have been photographed for about 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials, etc. and this figures had included individual and group photos.

3. In 2008, their fourth album, ‘Mirotic’ had an album sales of exceeding 500,000. The only album in Korea that had exceeded 500,000. This figure is 1.7 times higher than the best album sales in 2007.

4. In 2008 and 2009, DBSK had consecutively performed in Kohaku Uta Gassen, more commonly known as Kohaku. They are the first foreign artistes that performed there and won an award.

5. ‘Purple Line’,’Beautiful You’,’Doushite’,’Mirotic’,’Bolero’ and ‘Share The World’ had become Japan’s Oricon Chart’s six years champion. Breaking Oricon Chart’s records in 24 years and 5 months, and also set a new record for topping the foreign artists charts for the most number of times. Till now, DBSK had already topped the charts more than 10 times.

6. On 4th and 5th July 2009, they held their concert in Tokyo Dome. The first Korean group that had performed in Tokyo Dome.

7. DBSK released History in Japan DVD and they had achieved #1, #3, #4, #5,#6 and #15 in Orcion Chart. They set a record for having 6 places in the Oricon Chart thus breaking the record that Michael Jackson had previously held (5 places). They also had all their dvds and album ranked in the top 10 places.

8. 29 April 2008, ’Beautiful You’ had been released and it had topped the Oricon chart(had the same record of the Oricon Chart in 24 years)

9. 16 July 2008, ‘Doushite’ had reached the top in just one day of release.(broke the record for the Oricon Chart in 24 years and 5 months)

There are just too many records; those listed above are only Japan’s. Since 2008, whenever they released an album, they will break a record, of course the records that they broke are set by them previously. Adding on, in 2009 Kohaku Uta Gassen, they can be said to have reached their highest peak; they have maintain their record and continuously breaking them, creating new ones. There are even more in Korea, it’s just too much to be listed.

DBSK had also created many ‘firsts’, it can be said that they had set a stable foundation for other Korean groups who are advancing into foreign music industries. The effort of theirs had a substantial impact in the Korean music industry. Everyone says that a record can be broken by setting a new one, but a hard fact is that people will never forget who are the ones who set the new record first. There is a difference between the paths created by yourself and the others. Many Korean entertainment agencies have seen the remarkable results of DBSK in Japan, tasting the fruits which they bore, but can everyone be a hero and attain the same results as them? Their talent and outstanding looks are one of the many reasons for DBSK’s success. Even if there is another group with an outstanding look like them, it is impossible to have all five members able to fit the role of a lead singer and having the perfect harmonization when singing acapella songs. Another point is that DBSK has always exhibited a friendly and humble feel to the public. This is also why they are deeply loved by the media and people in Japan. Being original and having the ability to imitate are two different ideas.

Many professionals, who have seen the success of DBSK in Japan, will strongly advise other groups to secure a stable position in Korea before advancing into Japan. They should focus on craving out a name in Korea, for in the case where the decision to enter into the Japan market might not be successful, they still have something to fall back on. (I omitted some irrelevant and repetitive points here)

No one can be like DBSK. To have their Japan concerts, Asia world tour and A-nation concerts held concurrently. Honestly, no matter how popular a group is, it is impossible to have all these concerts attended consecutively by the fans. This is only possible with the large number of fans of DBSK. And only DBSK had such influence.

Some people may say, what is there to compare? DBSK are sunbaes who have debuted 6 years ago, of course their fans will be increasing every year. Alright then, let’s compare in the same time period. Not long after they debuted, in 2006, their official fanclub members reached a total of about 920,000+ If you don’t believe me, you could see the video where Changmin, ayumi(actress) and Yoon Jong Shin emceed.

As expected, when DBSK returned from Japan, they started with a series of promotions activities for their fourth album. And it first started with the Autumn mini-concert. Well this mini concert is not that ’mini’. It consist of 100 buses, 800 staffs, 3000 security guards and around 25,000 fans.

No one dares to leaves Korea for more than 2 years and comeback with a new album. But yet, DBSK have done it and they had saved the Korean music industries at that time. After advancing in Japan for a few years, breaking numerous records, with all these under their belt, when they come back, i feel so proud as their fans. In September 2008, DBSK comeback with ‘Mirotic’ and as expected, their preorders had reached 300,000 and the actual albums sales have reached 540,000. On 24 September they released the album , 28 September was their first performance and 15 November was MKMF awards ceremony. With only one month plus of promotions, they still managed to win album of the year compared to other artistes which had a longer promotions time.

This is a known fact and DBSK is the most ‘expensive’ group in Korea. This name, ‘DBSK’ had been known throughout in asia countries. If we say SM was the monopoly for the entertainment industry, then DBSK was what makes it, just look at the revenues that DBSK had brought in for SM and AVEX. If we say DBSK was the most successful group that SM had debuted, then ‘DBSK’ this name cant be separated with the 5 members. Even if the company had chosen the correct talent and keep on promoting them, the group will still fail if the members does not have the right attitude. We can say that in a large extent, the success that DBSK have in Korea and Japan are based solely on the 5 members’ hardwork. Those who had seen the news before will know that SM and AVEX’s annual revenues are mostly brought in by DBSK. Which companies wouldn’t want a group like this. The income that they had brought in was nearly as much as what 4 groups could have brought in for the company.

The hardship that they encountered in Japan when they just debuted teaches them to be patient, modest and hardworking.

Four years in Japan, DBSK found the glory behind them and at the same time, it trained them to improve and to be better.

In 2008 and 2009 for consecutively 2 years, DBSK had been invited to Kohaku Uta Gassen. This shows how influential they are.

And the most important thing is that, at the end of 2009, that period where the lawsuit broke out. Japan still invited DBSK to participate in various programs, during the christmas day in 2009, MUSIC STATION New Year’s Special. Also, many of you should have realised that when DBSK can’t perform as usual in Japan, all the artistes that came from Korea didn’t had the ability to make it to famous music shows. One of the fans had said this, “the sweat and the tears that DBSK had endured makes them have the world’s highest honor.” True, from the start, the boys are slowly, step by step, moving towards their goal. No matter what obstacles that they faced, they had preserved and overcome it. They had always used their voices to repay us.

Hero Jaejoong, U-know Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin. These names will remain in my heart forever. I will always be supporting you all.

The group which I have utmost respect for, TVXQ, is made up of hero, uknow, max, micky and xiah. They are not just a temporary idol group which can be forgotten easily. They are a part of me, like a family member. Their presence to me is forever. Sometimes, because they are so perfect, they seem like a group which god created. Sometimes, I was thinking, to be able to like their music, is a classy thing. To be able to meet such idol, is a rejoiced incident. To be able to use all my heart to love boys like them, hardworking, persistence and courageous, was the best thing that had happen in my life. DBSK, I’m proud of you. PROUD OF YOU.

DBSK had always been a legendary group, they are forever and no one could replace them.


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  2. vpew says:

    I’m really really really really really really agree with all of this…
    I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it… their perfect vocal and perfect harmonization….
    I miss them so much.. I wanna hear that agaiin…
    Daisukiiiii… ^^

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