Yunho & Changmin’s Kakao Talk

I have this habit of checking the official TVXQ website, and imagine my reaction when I saw this:

If my understanding is correct, it says “TVXQ KakaoTalk Plus Friends Opening Information!”

Well, days before this news of SM Entertainment tying up with KakaoTalk came out. And so they’ve finally opened an KakaoTalk account andddd info on how to add the boys is available!!! So of course I clicked the link, and got my 6002theMicky (the iPhone 4) ready. This was the closest to a TVXQ twitter account we can get!

Instructions on how to add TVXQ on KakaoTalk (I think this one is for those using Android phones?):

1.  Open KakaoTalk > Go to Settings > Manage Friends > Plus Friends

2. Friend Settings > Find friends by Nickname > Input Artist

For iPhone users:

Manage Friends > Plus Friends

Basically you’re supposed to see TVXQ from a list of Plus Friends.

I did this immediately… And took screen caps: 

KakaoTalk: “Sorry, Plus Friend is currently not available in your country.”

Me: #@$%&#$%!!!!


Well, for sure it works for those who are in Korea/has a Korean phone number. I’m not sure if it is available for other countries, so if you guys have KakaoTalk, and live elsewhere besides Philippines/Korea, do try it out and let me know if it works for you? ^^

*sigh* Hopefully they make it available to more countries and users! Right now it’s just wowww too exclusive =/

It would really be wonderful if I could get KakaoTalk alerts telling me that TVXQ’s posted this and that and whatnot : ( Why can’t the boys just get twitter! OTL

Anyways, yea. I got too excited over nothing (for now). I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and praying PlusFriends option will be available for those in the Philippines! Haha ^^


Found more stuff —

KakaoTalk – PlusFriends Tutorial (posted by kakaocorp)

KakaoTalk Plus Friends Mobile Website

Honestly just… wow. KakaoTalk’s seriously expanding. Sort of like me2DAY, but phone based *_* Now please to make this available for everyone /cries

There have been updates already… Here are some screencaps:

^Maybe someone can translate? ^^”

Ah.. I wonder… Do they update it themselves? =[ It’s probably the staff doing it right =/ GAH GET ME2DAY OR TWITTER OR SMTH D: (ok how many times have I said that?)

Anyways, here are handsome YunHo and ChangMin:

Apparently there’s also a video message from Yunnie, but I have yet to find it. /cries

Anywhoo, I shall update when I find more!

Feel free to take out, but do credit and link back to : D



Credits: Mishie @ Candy Sky
Shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

3 Responses to Yunho & Changmin’s Kakao Talk

  1. Margery Bicodo says:

    I can’t add them too. even super junior. their accounts are not available in the philippines T_T

  2. Suman says:

    It worked for me 😀 I’m from India 🙂

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